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Fluctuating currencies make forex management on behalf of your clients more challenging than it already is. The reality is, there are several instruments and market factors to consider when managing your client’s currency requirements.

Partners within our Network can become your client’s in-house treasury management team, providing the much-needed expertise to navigate the volatile market. They can provide a comprehensive currency management service that ensures your client’s business risks and market responses are handled correctly and seamlessly.

Together, you can guarantee your client’s success, and in turn, yours, as you can expand your service offering to your clients.

Are your clients aware that the “Emigration” TCS pin and the “Foreign Investment Allowance” TCS Pin to have been consolidated to create the new “Approval for International Transfer” (AIT) TCS Pin, and do they understand how this works?

SARS’ new Tax Compliance Status process and AIT PIN have made facilitating financial emigration much more challenging. 

As the AIT PIN is now the go-to requirement for obtaining approval to transfer funds out of South Africa, it’s imperative that tax practitioners understand how to navigate the process within eFiling. If your client is a tax resident seeking to transfer more than R1 million out of the country in a calendar year, they will need an AIT pin. Similarly, if your client has ceased their tax residency, they will require an AIT pin for every amount they intend to transfer out of South Africa in a calendar year. 

Partners within PPN have specialised in understanding the complexities of the new AIT process and can assist in making the entire process of transferring funds out of the country easier.

Our network of tax professionals understands the challenges faced by your clients when it comes to tax liabilities. That’s why we offer a specialized service that can greatly benefit your clients in reducing their tax debt and finding a path to financial recovery via a Compromise of Tax Debt application.

By recommending your clients enter a Compromise agreement, you can provide them with a much-needed reprieve on their tax liability. This reduction in tax burden can be instrumental in supporting your clients’ journey toward financial recovery, giving them the breathing space, they need to regain control of their finances.

SARS has recently been following a proactive approach when it comes to addressing its substantial budget deficit, leaving little room for errors or oversights.

Instead of risking the consequences of non-compliance, we offer you a safer and more effective solution: Compromise it!

With our expansive network of experienced tax attorneys and chartered accountants, you can successfully negotiate with SARS on behalf of your clients. Our network has assisted numerous companies in applying for deferred payment arrangements, providing them with the relief they desperately needed.

Don’t let your clients bear the burden of overwhelming tax liabilities. Contact our partners and leverage their expertise to offer your clients a path to reduced tax debt and financial recovery.

What steps do you take when your client’s VAT refund is delayed? We can help you avoid a frustrated client awaiting their VAT refund pay out.

As you know, SARS performs extensive checks and balances and follows due process when confirming the correctness of all VAT claims, before simply paying them out. However, you can avoid long-drawn-out verification processes by seeking the assistance of a tax lawyer.

There are three instances which we have noted that result in unpaid VAT refunds after the filing of a VAT return, being:

  • SARS disallows your client’s input VAT claim;
  • SARS puts your client through the verification process, requesting certain documentation and a VAT schedule, which your client then provides, and then thereafter hears nothing from SARS as to the payment of the refund; and
  • The credit sits on your client’s statement of account and no refund is received.

There are often no adequate reasons given by SARS for the delay in the refund being processed, when this happens, you and your client may have no alternative but to take appropriate legal steps to obtain the refund legally due to them. Our partners can assist you in navigating this challenging landscape and getting your client’s VAT refund finalised and paid out.

Our network understands the significance of financial emigration for South Africans residing abroad. It is a crucial process that formalizes their non-resident tax status, serving both tax and exchange control purposes.

However, recent amendments to the financial emigration process have made it more challenging to cease tax residency. SARS has implemented stricter measures, demanding thorough proof of non-resident status.

Through our Partner Network, you can guarantee your clients’ non-tax residency through SARS. This not only shields them from any implications but also ensures that their foreign-earned income remains tax-exempt in South Africa.

When your clients come under SARS’ radar and an audit commences, you need to be prepared. By leveraging our services, you can ensure that your clients have the necessary support and expertise to navigate through these audits seamlessly.

Partner with us today and empower your clients with the knowledge and resources to successfully navigate the financial emigration process while safeguarding their financial interests. Together, we can help them achieve non-tax residency, comply with the new regulations, and mitigate the challenges posed by the evolving tax landscape.


Does your practice not offer company set-up and business international expansion services?
Don’t let this be the reason you lose a potential client.

Our network provides company set-up solutions specifically designed to help your local clients looking to set up a local entity and commence business operations in South Africa.

A key component of these solutions is having an expert by your side, to assist in navigating the complex and ever-changing regulatory environment in South Africa.

See The Services We Offer

  • Company registration;
  • Preparation and filing of annual returns with both CIPC and SARS;
  • Preparation and maintenance of statutory records, including share registers & certificates;
  • Tax and Commercial advisory on regulatory compliance and tax planning, domestic labour laws;
  • Drafting and/or vetting of legal documentation, including employment contracts, agreements, and resolutions;
  • Assistance with updating company's details, such as changes to directors or shareholders.

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If you have a client intending on expanding their operations offshore, you need a company set-up service provider that can help you navigate the regulatory requirements of both the offshore jurisdiction and South Africa on their behalf.

See The Services We Offer

  • Assistance with cross-border transactions, including compliance with foreign exchange regulations
  • Compliance advice and support for both South African and foreign regulatory regimes
  • Assistance with the establishment and operation of a foreign-owned entity in South Africa
  • Preparation and filing of annual returns
  • Maintenance of statutory records, including share registers and director registers
  • Preparation of legal documents, such as minutes of meetings and resolutions

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Our network of experienced professionals has the expertise you need to ensure your client’s compliance with both local and foreign laws and regulations, allowing your client to focus on growing their business.

Accounting where you have a tax practice only

As a tax professional, advisory professional, legal professional, or expatriate professional, how do you manage your client’s accounting needs?

The Professional Partner Network understands the challenges professionals face when managing their clients’ accounting and financial affairs.
Our Partner Network provides comprehensive and bespoke services that can assist you and your clients.
As experts in their field, they optimize accounts for tax efficiency, offering services including:

Together, you can streamline your administrative processes and expand your service offering to your clients. 


Tax dispute resolution requires the expertise of astute tax attorneys who possess a deep understanding of the intricacies of tax law. They navigate the nuances and employ strategic approaches to capitalize on the remedies provided by the rules, ensuring favourable outcomes for their clients.

Tax dispute resolution is a legal process, and like any other legal matter, it requires in-depth knowledge and expertise. It is important to remember that the foundation of these disputes lies in tax law, a realm renowned for its fluidity and intricacies.

Our network of partners includes specialists that provide the technical tax assistance to individuals, corporates, and high net worth taxpayers throughout the entire process of a dispute with SARS, from the pre-audit stage to tax court.

Partner with us to unlock the power of tax dispute resolution for your clients. Our network of experts is ready to provide technical tax assistance, guide your clients through the intricacies of the process, and secure favourable outcomes. Together, we can navigate the complexities of tax law and ensure that your clients’ rights are protected throughout the dispute resolution journey.


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